About the Department


Bu-Ali Sina University of Hamedan, after cities of Tabriz, Isfahan and Semnan, is the fourth university in admitting students at bachelor's level in the discipline of industrial design. Considering the position and history of this University in the educational system of the West of the country, it is foreseen that in the coming years, Bu-Ali Sina University can be one of the notable universities of industrial design in the country.

This department has been admitting students through the two-phase Konkour entrance exam of art in industrial design since January 2015; and up to now (year 2017) students entering university in 3 different years and in total a number of 80 students are studying in this department.

During this period, considering the positive attitude of respectable authorities of the Faculty of Art and Architecture toward this discipline, a number of effective actions have taken place to prepare and equip practical workshops for material and method of construction (wood, metal, plastic) and volume and modeling.