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09 Oct 2013
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The Faculty of    Art & Architeture was established in 2002. Presently the main building of  faculty  is located outside the main campus and new building of Faculty is located  at the main campus of Bu Ali Sina University. Faculty of Art & Architecture  carries out education and research activities and has the A.A and B.Sc. degree programs in its departments.

The Faculty of Art & Architeture  include  3 departments presently. This faculty has about 320 students and 12  faculty members. The administrative body of the Faculty consists of one dean and 2  vice deans which are as follows:  Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Vice Dean for Research. The Departments of the faculty are:  Architeture, Archeology and Graphic. Each Department is administered by one chairman who is elected by faculty members'  votes for two years.